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A residential delivery is defined as delivery to a location that is a home, including a business operating
out of a home that does not have an entrance open to the public.

Rural Residential, Extended Rural Residential, and Commercial Delivery Surcharges apply only to those zip
codes listed in the Surcharge Reference Guide provided by UPS and FedEx.

Residential and Commercial Surcharges apply per shipment, not per package.

All surcharges are determined by the shipper and are subject to change without notice.
Residential Surcharges
Fuel Surcharge
Kinsey's South uses an index-based surcharge that is adjusted monthly by UPS/FedEx. Changes to the surcharge will be effective the first Monday of each month. (Please see the Terms and Conditions page of our price list for more information.)

All Fuel Surcharges are per package and at the dealer's expense.
Small Order Charge
Orders over $300.00 $5.00
Orders under $300.00 $12.75
Flat Rates are applied per order. If multiple orders are placed throughout the day, the flat rate charge will be applied if applicable.
Address Changes
All address changes not reported to Kinsey's South will be subject to a charge determined by UPS/FedEx. This charge will automatically go on account and be added to your next order.

Address Change charges are determined by the shipper and are subject to change without